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Welcome to ChimServices. This site is aiming at providing services online to the multitude of people worldwide. At ChimServices, we offer education and consultation services as well selling different products which include Android Mobile applications.

For teachers and other educators, we have designed a simple grade book template for analyzing students’ scores. The template can be modified to meet your needs. We have also posted an article entitled “How to create a Grade Book Template using Microsoft excel formulae” which can help you create this simple grade book on your own. For our sample grade book template and the article, you can get them on our How to page.

 Our consultation services are on website development (cost of development, hosting and many more), software engineering, databases and mobile application using android studio. If you would like to have any services from these areas, then contact us for more details. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

The part of education we are currently doing is that of answering questions from different students. In other words, we are offering online tutoring on Website Development, Mobile Applications, Algebra, Geometry as well as Calculus just to mention a few courses.  For more information about the courses we are currently offering, check on Academic Help page of our website. We offer an academic help to students worldwide and guide them accordingly. Meanwhile, at ChimServices, we offer an opportunity for students to ask as many academic questions as possible all for FREE. All you need to do is simply to register for these courses and the Course Administrator will give you all the necessary details for you to get started within 24 hours upon registration.

We also provide a platform for all other people to ask “how to” questions ranging from academic to non-academic areas. What it means is that everyone has the opportunity to ask any question and also provide answers to certain questions. This is a “how to” question and answer platform. Our experts will evaluate all the answers given and they will recommend one answer. This is really a source of knowledge.

Our mission statement is to be an institution or organization committed to providing the best services worldwide. Our vision is to empower individuals with the basic knowledge through self learning and make them apply it in the use of various products for self development.

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